Digital Transformation

Altering the business DNA resulting innovative offerings

Run business functions with a minimum number of people in remote sites

Use machine learning to take over repetitive decisions

Connect business silos to deliver end-to-end value chain from engineering to finance

Digital Strategies

Oil and Gas companies are searching for ways to digitize and automate their operations as a strategic initiative. Traditionally the believe is to partner with major IT and consulting firms or to do this internally.  Recent IR4.0 customer surveys have shown that Oil and Gas companies that team up with small entrepreneurial oilfield service providers  have a much faster and potentially disruptive digital strategy implemented delivering on the promises of the digital oilfield.

Digital Opportunities

  • Cloud and Edge platform architectures providing the foundation for engineering and operations
  • Automating process workflows and smart decisions
  • Integrated software assets with analytics services
  • Develop and sell digital assets across the product lines